Small changes that produce big results

Eighty Percent Solutions develops software that helps people be more productive by reducing digital distractions. As our computing devices have become smaller, faster, and more pervasive, they have also become more distracting. The numbers are compelling: Americans spend 11 hours per day on digital devices, workers are digitally interrupted every 10.5 minutes, with interruptions costing the U.S. economy an estimated $650 Billion per year. That's a lot of distraction.

Device makers have largely turned a blind eye to this issue, building distractions in to the very devices we need for work. We address this challenge with tools that simply and effectively reduce digital distractions. Our software interrupts the habitual cycle of distraction associated with social media, streaming sites, and games. We're a bootstrapped venture that has grown from a graduate school "nights and weekends" project to a viable company. We've sold our products Freedom and Anti-Social to over 50,000 consumers, and we look forward to continued innovation in this very important area.

Our Products

We design productivity software for a wide range of operating systems: Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux.


For Mac, PC, Linux


For Mac, PC, Linux

Freedom for Mobile

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