Productivity tools shouldn't force you to change

Eighty Percent Solutions is a Chapel Hill, NC software company run by Fred Stutzman, Ph.D. that designs innovative solutions for computationally intractable problems. Our first piece of software, Freedom, has fundamentally changed the way hundreds of thousands of people work. Our second release, Anti-Social, is essential for productivity on the social web.

At 80Pct we embrace a design philosophy of "Smaller, Better, Slower." We believe that many of the truly hard social and behavioral problems of the computing age can not be solved through engineering and computational power alone. We design simple and innovative software that integrates with human practice to foster productive change.

Our Products

We design productivity software for a wide range of operating systems: Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux.


For Mac and PC


For Mac and PC

Freedom for Mobile

Android Phones and Tablets